“I grew up in a time when basketball in England was not very popular at all, but fortunately for me I met a small amount of people who were passionate about the game and gave me an opportunity to play. 10 years later and I could not be happier that I found basketball; it is my saving grace and has changed my life in so many wonderful ways.  Not only has it given me great enjoyment playing the game and allowed me to achieve my dreams, but it has taught me so many important life lessons such as the importance of teamwork, sacrifice, leadership and commitment, all of which I would not have had if it was not for this great game.

            I want to give children the opportunity to learn the same important life lessons I received by playing basketball, it will help children and young adults to integrate better with their peers and to show them that competition is a part of life so that when they grow up to be adults they will not be fearful about going for promotions, but instead have the confidence to reach their full potential as a human being and realize it is not where you come from that is important, but where you are heading.

            Now more than ever I think it is important for us all to encourage children to participate in sports and exercises, as the statistics about childhood obesity in this country are staggering and very frightening. If I can play a small part in promoting a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise then that is my aim, and what better way than inspiring children and young adults to participate in the sport and lifestyle I have come to love.”

-Patrick Manifold



"Much like the game of basketball, a community is made up of individuals.  Each individual plays a key role within that community through
their own unique speciality, integrating with other individuals to form a community which both thrives and prospers. 


Yet communities often break down due to the lack of key fundamentals which are necassary for a good society.  The game of basketball has taught both of us many of the important skills and attitudes we will need as we move into adulthood.  It has brought us charcter, discipline, and the type of social skills that can only be honed as being part of a team.  As a result, both Patrick and I have been able to persue degrees in Business Management and Psychology respectively, and participate in the sport at a high level, both at home and overseas.


But most of all, the game has provided us fun, and that is what every child needs; the spontaneous, free willing place of activity for which to both express and develop. 


And this is what we hope to bring in our venture of Clifftop Basketball, a unique addition to the annual Gorleston Clifftop Gala which enables the community

of Gorleston to have a centre of activity and development.  Children and adults can come together both to learn new basketball skills in our new edition skills camp, or apply their already advanced game in the centrepeice event, the 3 v 3 tournament.  Every event in Clifftop Basketball is carried out in a unique experience which brings the urban community feel of street basketball to the picturesque setting of the Gorleston Cliffs, an event to enable community youths and adults alike to enjoy a day of festive hoops fun. 

It is our ambition, to encourage the game of basketball to a community where it may otherwise be overlooked, and to enable the people of the community to enjoy it. 

As the event grows year by year, we hope to develop our venture to provide the local community of Gorleston the ammenities to participate in the game further.  As a result, the youth of tomorrow will be able to savour what the youth of today have benefited from. An active community is a healthy community."


 - James Borg BSc



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